Buck & Baa Review

My love for children's fashion since having kids of my own has increased to the tenth power. Before I having Sage, I had a baby shower and of course family showers you with bunch of gifts and clothes, which I am still trull grateful for since I still use some items for Ollie. However there was one thing I got too much of, clothes, so much that Sage couldn't even wear, so I ended up giving most away. But let me stop lying, I threw or gave away 85% of those clothes if I thought they were just not my style. You see, I am a simple, basic, minimal girl. I hate bright colors and itchy tulle fabric. I hate truck logos and purple and fuchsia dragons. I like my children's clothing to be simple, can wear around all season and even gender neutral. So that sent me on a search for new lines, smaller businesses that basically understand that we can still look cool without all the extras. The first brand I found was Buck & Baa; I was instantly in love by their earth tone hues, simple cotton fabric and minimal patterns, that had gracefully flow through the seasons. The first time I purchase some pieces was for Ollie before I had him, and I couldn't wait to wrap him in the swaddle blanket that just ascetically went well with our home decor and warm feel. Just so darn cute, I will try and blog more. It is so very hard to do it with the kids, I'll have something I want to talk about but then I'll forget because of the demands of the kids

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