Every Journey has its Own

How many times have you ask for advice as a new parent on how's parenthood, or how to get through a certain as easy and as fast as possible? Last night was my wake up call. Being a parent of two children is a kick in the gut challenge, that no one can prepare you for; and it is crazy that I am having this epiphany now. Last night the kids and I went to bed, both are co-sleepers so they are still bunking in our room until further notice. I placed Ollie in the bassinet when he fell asleep and then I cuddled Sage to sleep. As I dozed off in REM, I heard a blood curdling scream in my right ear. It was Ollie, screaming from the top of his lungs and I couldn't figure out why for the life of me. Then suddenly after 5 mins of trying to figure out whats wrong and what looks like me trying to wake him up, he fell back asleep like nothing happened. Oliver had a night terror. I've never experienced anything like this before. Even though I had Sage sleeping with my since birth, She's never woke up wailing before. Night terrors can be caused by several things, some say it could be due to over stimulation through out the day or before bed and the child is just reacting to it, which what I think is what happened. Though we are on a strict bedtime routine, occasionally we'll get off track with TV and good night plays with dad. I have decided to not do that anymore and keep every night calm. But the reason I decided to share this because, when I posted about that night on my IG stories, most of my friends reached out to comfort. And even though I am truly appreciative of them offering their space to me to vent, I realized, there's no actual guide to parenthood. You have to ride out this journey, alone. You can read a whole manuscript on what could happen, but truthfully, every child is different and you just never know what hand you are dealt. We can only offer advice on what might work, just don't quote me. I am at the very beginning of motherhood and though I am tired, I some days can not be bothered and I am ready for bed by 8pm. By the end of the day I'll chuckle to myself and say my kids are really funny and drive me nuts but I love them, and I am sure I'll be laughing at all this crazy journey when I am old. One of my friends on IG told me you have to deal with it one day at a time, literally, and I would say "in parenthood, there are no two days the same" Every day you'll deal with something different. Stop expecting things to be smooth and know that you have a lot of bumpy roads ahead.... and thats OK! Every journey has its own Thank you for reading...

I Love Your Brown Skin

Transparency time: I cried the first time I heard brown skin girl by Beyoncé. I had to try and hold back the ugly cry in front of my family. Some of you understand why, but for those who don’t; We dark skin women have this on going battle with our self esteem for a long time and as a kid lighter skin is all I saw on every single medium. Then I grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s when “light skin was in”; that’s literally the saying “light skin is in”. Do you know what did to my self esteem? I hated taking photos of myself, I would stay out of the sun. Forget about dating, if you liked a guy the first thing you would think about is 'I hope he likes dark skin girls'. The list goes on that we would need a book to write about it. Anyway... While watching Beyoncé’s beautiful ‘Black is King’ music visuals, brown skin girls came on, all these emotions, thoughts in my head, flashbacks to my childhood, I broke down. Because, in truth, I needed that song when I was a kid; and to see Sage watching the video, dancing, singing along, taking the words in, and comprehending, it made me feel so happy. I kind of felt like a kid again, sort of. Even though I tell Sage every single day, you’re a black girl, we are great, fearless, smart, etc etc. In addition to talking about black hair and how versatile it is, just so she doesn’t feel like it’s lesser than that girl with long wavy hair. However, truthfully, there’s but so much I can do to make her confident in her own skin, she has to see it as well. I am so grateful for that song, it couldn't have come at a better time. I can’t even listen to it without choking up. Outfits from: Shoparq

Buck & Baa Review

My love for children's fashion since having kids of my own has increased to the tenth power. Before I having Sage, I had a baby shower and of course family showers you with bunch of gifts and clothes, which I am still trull grateful for since I still use some items for Ollie. However there was one thing I got too much of, clothes, so much that Sage couldn't even wear, so I ended up giving most away. But let me stop lying, I threw or gave away 85% of those clothes if I thought they were just not my style. You see, I am a simple, basic, minimal girl. I hate bright colors and itchy tulle fabric. I hate truck logos and purple and fuchsia dragons. I like my children's clothing to be simple, can wear around all season and even gender neutral. So that sent me on a search for new lines, smaller businesses that basically understand that we can still look cool without all the extras. The first brand I found was Buck & Baa; I was instantly in love by their earth tone hues, simple cotton fabric and minimal patterns, that had gracefully flow through the seasons. The first time I purchase some pieces was for Ollie before I had him, and I couldn't wait to wrap him in the swaddle blanket that just ascetically went well with our home decor and warm feel. Just so darn cute, I will try and blog more. It is so very hard to do it with the kids, I'll have something I want to talk about but then I'll forget because of the demands of the kids


Hi, I know, I know, it’s been a while. There is so much I don’t even know where to start. I created this blog when I started college. I was young, creative and outgoing and I loved fashion and art so I started this blog Black & Olive to express that love and show my creativity. Somehow in between then I found my passion in photography, and for what I can remember, Instagram sparked that passion. I went out and bought my first professional camera; I carried it every where and shot whatever I thought that was beautiful. I became obsessed, but it was a hobby that wasn’t making any money. But now my life has changed, I am a full time mom raising two children and a dog with my fiancé. My home is in chaos 24/7, so the only things I can get creative with is how to keep the kids busy so I can wash a dish, load the laundry etc etc. You moms know what I am talking about. Anyway, so back to I was saying before I got all story telling. I created Black & Olive to share my creativity with the world, but now that I am a mom, I figured I change things up a bit in here and dust off the place because it was looking extremely outdated, like who I was before (young, fun college student. I was no longer sharing art and beauty, I couldn’t with baby spinach on my clothes and running behind a potty training toddler that wants to pee every freaking 5 mins! The only I can offer is motherhood, my journey through motherhood with a little photography of course because that’s still what I love to do.