How to Create Your Holiday Cards

Happy Holidays guys! Christmas is almost here and you are probably receiving your holiday cards from family through the mail now. You know what I am talking about, the gloss cover professional photos that you know cost a grip to print and mail out. You would love to do it yourself but that holiday list is top priority. Not only that, some times to get your whole family out the house to a professional studio can be a pain especially if you have cranky babies. So, to create your own holiday photos, you would need a few things that are cost efficient. You'll need:

1. Minimal decor - Considering that your home will be already deck out with the holiday decor, you should use them to your advantage every year. Save some of the items for photos for the following year.

2. A camera - it doesn't matter the brand or style, as long as it can point and shoot.

3. Holiday attire - Now I love the matching jammies look. Where mom, dad and baby have matching looks, while smiling down at a rambunctious pup with reindeer antlers while opening a present, yea that! I feel like the jammies scream Christmas Day!

Thats it!

Here I took some photos from home.

Pajamas: Burts Bees Baby
Throw: Pottery Barn Denver Plaid 
Pillow: Marshalls