Mini DIY

I told myself when I moved in that I would do more post on DIY's. Not only for the blog but for myself, I wanted to teach myself to be a little more independent with mini repairs and make overs. Oppose to paying someone, we can save money and have it done the way we wanted it. Sounds good doesn't it? Well, truly, I have no time. I am still adjusting to mom life, almost two years later and I am still trying to figure where did the time go? So big jobs like this takes more than one, and a little more time, so we had to pay someone to do it.

Pretty much every room in the house is furnished except the guest room that still remains as a semi storage/play room for Sage. We are still figuring out the little details of the home, so I think the guest room would be last on our list. One of the rooms that meant a lot to me to do was Sage's room. For a while it stood cold, just toys, bed and a dresser, it needed more. It was driving me crazy that it didn't scream "life of a child". If I was a child I wouldn't want to play in there. So, moderately we began filling it in, but it still needs more. Before moving in, Sage had her own dresser that a friend had bought for my baby shower. It was a simple dark brown glazed dresser. It was too dark for her current room, or for at least the look I was going for. I didn't want have to buy another dresser because of vanity for god sake. So, why not just paint the darn thing. I went to Home Depot and purchased the Rustoleum spray paint. There is a huge selection, however most options were with gloss. I wanted a matte finish, and just when I was about to lose hope, I realized they have a special line of chalked spray paint. Unfortunately, they only have a few colors in the matte finish, wishfully, with popularity they'll drop some more cool colors. I picked Aged Gray. Check out the finish.


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