Universal Energies

It’s been damn long, I haven’t posted an outfit post, or even dress up for a blog post in a while. However today was different, Sage was asleep, I had only an hour to possibly get some warm shots. Since moving here, I’ve been eager to shoot outside in my yard. Though my nerves frighten me considering I felt like my neighbors were probably watching and wondering what the heck is this girl doing. Fear, it tends to hold me back from doing what I love most. I want to be fearless and jump in head first to whatever it is what I want to do

Going forward, this post is about universal gratitude. Are you familiar with universal energies? Before moving out here to New Jersey, I kept seeing 1111 everywhere. Especially on my phone or iPad, I thought at first maybe it was coincidental, I was probably subconsciously looking at that time, every time. It wasn’t only 1111, I would see 222,333 and especially 444. So I researched, and most sites would state that it could be a big change in my life. So I left it that and thought 'well I am moving to another state', so maybe the universe is just preparing me for my move. But I moved in, and I still saw it. It was constant, 1111,111,222,444 and 1212. Not just on my phone, but addresses, someone else would open their phone and I would glimpse it. Or I’ll be on Instagram and someone would have 1,111 or 111 likes. So I asked myself, it is my energy that is attracting these numbers? Was it the sudden gratification I’ve had this past year? or is it my guardian angel is trying to tell me to keep it up, stay in tuned and you’ll get what you really want. Because I know what I want, I just don’t know how I’m going to get there. My life is such a blur since becoming a mom, a stay at home mom on top of that and when my energy was off. However the universe is telling me to be patient, you will start your own business, open that cafe, motel or e-commerce (I just have to figure it out). I read the trick is to let go, taking it easy and trust that your stars will align. I talk about the universe a lot, and I apologize if it may be a bore at times, but I believe this; That we all are here and aligned for a reason and I want you to understand that, so you can find your reason. I still haven't found mine, or its here, I just can't see it.... maybe?

 Thank you 

Hello September...

We are here welcoming you with open arms. We couldn’t wait to sit curled up next to you, in our throws with a cup of cocoa nestled in our hands, comfortably burning our finger tips. I can’t wait to kick your leaves and watch them sprinkle the sky. Feel your warmth from the sun and inhale your cooling breeze. Sip your warm sweet teas, and hug your warm tones. Hello September, so glad you’re here.