Surviving Motherhood

How do we survive motherhood? I don't think there is an actual manual, everything we read are advice or suggestions, something to potentially give us hope. I mentioned in my last post that I have moved from home (my parent's) into a house in New Jersey, so my life changed dramatically from being a bonafide city girl, to a stay at home full time mom, in a small country like suburban neighborhood. Though the lifestyle here is way more simple and less vain, the work load has officially took its toll on me. When Sage and I lived with my parents, it was a little easier to move around, considering the help I had between them and Will. Now that we are alone and not close enough to squeeze in a little family baby sitting time, it is a bit more challenging, and honestly, overtly tiring. We don't get much sleep, everything works on Sage's nap time schedule or else we are going to have to deal with her Katey Kaboom Wrath, and in between all the errands we have to run, I still have to fit in the household duties. Now, I am not complaining, I just want to know how do women do this and not lose their sanity? Or do we lose it, but go with the flow? I am learning to keep things in order by scheduling my entire agenda, not saying that it always works out fine. But.... here are some tips that may help first time mom, though I am one myself, I can also pass on my advice so you don't lose your mind as well.

  1. Prepare the night before - Everything seems to work out best when you plan ahead for trips, dinner or laundry. I noticed when I try to cram everything in without preparing, I get frustrated because it doesn't work promptly or smoothly
  2. Take your baby out - This one I don't like to do as much because I am an extreme home body. I prefer to be in the comfort of my own home, and gratefully we have a big yard so Sage can romp around all she wants with Bo. However, taking your child outside is good enough to tire them out. There is so much to explore (though I can't stand when they pick things up) they will just get overwhelmed and crash. 
  3. Make time for tea or coffee - No matter what, I make time for my coffee, and thats usually when Sage is taking her nap, it is the most peaceful time ever. You'll feel slightly, just slightly energize before little one wakes up, especially if you catch yourself up on the latest shows, you tube videos, trends, blogs, whatever! I mean, take a NAP! I for some reason never really take naps because there's so much I feel I need to catch up on.
  4. Make time for loved ones - We can't forget that our spouses needs our time too between the mayhem. I can be a little selfish with my time but it is important in a relationship that you both remain close for your family.
  5. And lastly, find your inspiration - We have to remain creative and continue to do what it is that we love. Some times we need that push, and really don't have the right people or tools around us. I loved watching motivational you tube videos, or motivational testimonials, just because some times I need that positive energy to give me drive. 
Mother hood is draining but it is all about balancing everything out. Some days you don't need to sweep, just skip laundry for a week, eat some leftovers and enjoy your time here. 

In the photos I decided to finally take photos of myself in our living room. It was simply spirit of the moment, I did not put on any make up or prepare any outfits, just because my time is limited. 


  1. Very relevant and vulnerable piece. I love that you’re speaking on something that many women aren’t allowed to even entertain. I’m not a mother myself but watching and helping the women around me and their kids, I can only suspect that the hormones and chemicals in a mother’s body and brain transform her into an evolved superhuman because the strain and stress and pain would have a regular individual keel over! And shout out to single mothers especially because they are truly on some magical shit.

    1. Thank you. I really despise the fact that mothers are sort of told that we need to handle it. I too have heard people tell me "well all mothers do it" That doesn't mean that I don't get tired, or want a break or even an ear to talk to. We are powerful beings!

  2. Embracing motherhood is definitely a challenge, but can we done. Great photos! Feels inviting