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Friday, June 8, 2018

Changing Stage

 A lot has changed since I've last posted. It killed me everyday not to be able to sign on and do what I love, take photos, edit them and share them with you all. I had to focus on other things, and at that time, that's what was important to me. However not being able to express my colors was a never ending battle! But having a child won the war, it was the beginning of my new life, as a mom! I wanted to share this with you all, but I simply didn't have time and it was easier to post on social media to those who do follow. Also, keeping up a blog is a job within itself, and since my life was going through this dramatic change, I had to choose what was priority and of course my time was limited. Furthermore, I can't say my life is in shambles, it was more of a comfortable battle, a battle that I'd accepted and was willing to fight with happiness. But... I have reached a point in my life where I am beginning a battle with myself, my fight with "being" or let's say "living out my truth". I can't forget myself or get consumed into nurturing, though I have no problem giving my little girl whatever she needs, I feel that I need to find my truth before it's too late, if there's even a deadline for that. I feel like I've lost myself in motherhood a little, "letting yourself go" some might say, but not in the form of appearance but by ignoring my creative nature or finding what it is that I bring to this earth the time that I am here. 
Since having Sage we decided that we needed to get a home. Somewhere we can raise her together, better and as our own family. We wanted to stay in New York close to our family but we also wanted something different and simpler. Less fast pace and intimate. We fell in love with this small colonial home in suburban New Jersey, pedestaled on top of a hill, surrounded by life and greenery. I contested a little in the beginning considering that I've never been away from my family, and I wasn't so sure I was ready to take Sage away from them in fear of her not knowing who they are. However, apart of life is about moving forward with it, to be able to follow your truth and continue your journey, no matter who you have to leave behind. And besides, it's only an hour away from home, who the hell am I kidding??!!!! (lol). Now I realized that I am going through another stage in my life, I understand that I need to trust it accept what it is and be 100% grateful... I am... :) 

There's going to be a lot of changes to this blog as I try to become more transparent with you, thank you.

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