How to Create Your Holiday Cards

Happy Holidays guys! Christmas is almost here and you are probably receiving your holiday cards from family through the mail now. You know what I am talking about, the gloss cover professional photos that you know cost a grip to print and mail out. You would love to do it yourself but that holiday list is top priority. Not only that, some times to get your whole family out the house to a professional studio can be a pain especially if you have cranky babies. So, to create your own holiday photos, you would need a few things that are cost efficient. You'll need:

1. Minimal decor - Considering that your home will be already deck out with the holiday decor, you should use them to your advantage every year. Save some of the items for photos for the following year.

2. A camera - it doesn't matter the brand or style, as long as it can point and shoot.

3. Holiday attire - Now I love the matching jammies look. Where mom, dad and baby have matching looks, while smiling down at a rambunctious pup with reindeer antlers while opening a present, yea that! I feel like the jammies scream Christmas Day!

Thats it!

Here I took some photos from home.

Pajamas: Burts Bees Baby
Throw: Pottery Barn Denver Plaid 
Pillow: Marshalls

Mini DIY

I told myself when I moved in that I would do more post on DIY's. Not only for the blog but for myself, I wanted to teach myself to be a little more independent with mini repairs and make overs. Oppose to paying someone, we can save money and have it done the way we wanted it. Sounds good doesn't it? Well, truly, I have no time. I am still adjusting to mom life, almost two years later and I am still trying to figure where did the time go? So big jobs like this takes more than one, and a little more time, so we had to pay someone to do it.

Pretty much every room in the house is furnished except the guest room that still remains as a semi storage/play room for Sage. We are still figuring out the little details of the home, so I think the guest room would be last on our list. One of the rooms that meant a lot to me to do was Sage's room. For a while it stood cold, just toys, bed and a dresser, it needed more. It was driving me crazy that it didn't scream "life of a child". If I was a child I wouldn't want to play in there. So, moderately we began filling it in, but it still needs more. Before moving in, Sage had her own dresser that a friend had bought for my baby shower. It was a simple dark brown glazed dresser. It was too dark for her current room, or for at least the look I was going for. I didn't want have to buy another dresser because of vanity for god sake. So, why not just paint the darn thing. I went to Home Depot and purchased the Rustoleum spray paint. There is a huge selection, however most options were with gloss. I wanted a matte finish, and just when I was about to lose hope, I realized they have a special line of chalked spray paint. Unfortunately, they only have a few colors in the matte finish, wishfully, with popularity they'll drop some more cool colors. I picked Aged Gray. Check out the finish.


Bumble Bubble

Bubble weather is my favorite. This jacket I purchased last year at Urban Outfitters and has quickly become one of my favorite every day gear.  
Shades: Grey Ants
Sweater: Vintage
Pants: Joggers from Zara
Jacket: Puffer Jacket Urban Outfitters


Nothing like October... Who else loves pumpkin and apple picking? I am planning on taking Sage to her first apple picking, will share the deets once photos are taken. I remember going when I was a kid, never appreciated it then, just hope Sage will. 

Universal Energies

It’s been damn long, I haven’t posted an outfit post, or even dress up for a blog post in a while. However today was different, Sage was asleep, I had only an hour to possibly get some warm shots. Since moving here, I’ve been eager to shoot outside in my yard. Though my nerves frighten me considering I felt like my neighbors were probably watching and wondering what the heck is this girl doing. Fear, it tends to hold me back from doing what I love most. I want to be fearless and jump in head first to whatever it is what I want to do

Going forward, this post is about universal gratitude. Are you familiar with universal energies? Before moving out here to New Jersey, I kept seeing 1111 everywhere. Especially on my phone or iPad, I thought at first maybe it was coincidental, I was probably subconsciously looking at that time, every time. It wasn’t only 1111, I would see 222,333 and especially 444. So I researched, and most sites would state that it could be a big change in my life. So I left it that and thought 'well I am moving to another state', so maybe the universe is just preparing me for my move. But I moved in, and I still saw it. It was constant, 1111,111,222,444 and 1212. Not just on my phone, but addresses, someone else would open their phone and I would glimpse it. Or I’ll be on Instagram and someone would have 1,111 or 111 likes. So I asked myself, it is my energy that is attracting these numbers? Was it the sudden gratification I’ve had this past year? or is it my guardian angel is trying to tell me to keep it up, stay in tuned and you’ll get what you really want. Because I know what I want, I just don’t know how I’m going to get there. My life is such a blur since becoming a mom, a stay at home mom on top of that and when my energy was off. However the universe is telling me to be patient, you will start your own business, open that cafe, motel or e-commerce (I just have to figure it out). I read the trick is to let go, taking it easy and trust that your stars will align. I talk about the universe a lot, and I apologize if it may be a bore at times, but I believe this; That we all are here and aligned for a reason and I want you to understand that, so you can find your reason. I still haven't found mine, or its here, I just can't see it.... maybe?

 Thank you 

Hello September...

We are here welcoming you with open arms. We couldn’t wait to sit curled up next to you, in our throws with a cup of cocoa nestled in our hands, comfortably burning our finger tips. I can’t wait to kick your leaves and watch them sprinkle the sky. Feel your warmth from the sun and inhale your cooling breeze. Sip your warm sweet teas, and hug your warm tones. Hello September, so glad you’re here. 

Mood with Cool Tones

We're almost out of summer. My favorite season is approaching. I can't wait for cool tones, knit socks and blankets.

Sunday Same Vibes...

Something about Sunday mornings that feels different. Still, even after childhood. I use to blame it on school, thinking maybe it was that break that makes Sunday's feel good, even when school was the next day. It’s the sense of finally getting comfortable and being yourself. It’s finally doing what you’ve wanted to do all freaking week, as well as lacking the guilt of feeling lackadaisical. 

Mother's Love...

As you slept, the cool breeze pushed through the windows, classical music danced through the room and at that moment I was filled with so much gratitude. To be so lucky that I am able to watch you grow, especially your first stages of life. That I am able to guide you the right way and teach you to be kind. You’re forever mine as well as I am yours. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you smiling. I pray for you every day and I ask to always keep you safe, to protect you from the dents of life.

Saving Grace...

I went through hell trying to retrieve these photos. I accidentally formatted my camera, which deleted everything. I had to download a program to recover whatever I can. This is why some photo's resolution is poor. However, I hope you can enjoy the photos still, even if it isn't as clear.
I saw a print of an African woman, topless with a white long skirt and this similar pose. I was inspired, and to consider that I saw this photo years ago, it is still lodged in my brain, coerced me to create my own moving piece. 

Honey Avocado Sandwich

A quick post here. I had to share because it was one of the best home made sandwiches I've had in a while, if not ever. My thing lately has been food, and frankly, I got really tired of eating the same thing every day. I need flavor and texture, some times more than one. So after I concocted the meal and sliced it in the middle, all I heard was this little voice say "Mama! mmm piece?" and them "Yum!"

This sandwich is really simple, you'll need several ingredients

  1. Honey Mustard
  2. Bread or Bagel
  3. Honey Turkey
  4. Kale
  5. Avocado
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Cheese (Swiss or Mozzarella) 

Health & Self...

Like I mentioned in my last post, having time for yourself is imperative, especially for your health. And, as a mom of a speedy robotic toddler, you'll just forget yourself and not take good care of your body. Eating the right foods and taking the right supplements is extremely conducive, and I had to learn that the hard way. I still breastfeed Sage and it literally sucks the life out of me when I do not eat the necessary foods, and a certain amount of food a day. I thought food would just help, but it didn't, I was still drained, I would sleep 9 hours and still feel sleepy by mid day. I noticed my skin looked dull, by hair was dry, bangs under my eye, I mean I was the walking dead. So there was a few things I started taking and doing to brighten up confidence and appearance. 

In terms of eating, it is pretty self explanatory that healthier foods is better for your body inside and out. It also helps with energy. I would stay away from heavy greasy foods because it tends to weigh you down. I stick to healthy but flavorful. Regarding skin, I exfoliate my face at least twice a day, if not three times on a summer day. I can't stand when my face feels dirty and oily, so I exfoliate with Up & Up towelettes from Target. There are different kinds but this one seems to work for my skin. You have to find what works for your skin. If you need it to be medicated or not. After, I moisturize with Hyaluronic serum alone, or with vitamin E for extremely dry skin. Now I started taking vitamins because even with all that, I still needed a push. So I am trying Sundown Natural's Women's Multivitamin with biotin now, I am unsure of the results yet, however I do have more energy through out the day.