Welcome Greens

I know, its been so long since I've posted on here. Please forgive me, but so much has changed, I mean dramatically. From moving back to Queens from Brooklyn, two completely opposite neighborhoods, to being a new full time mom, yes a mother! (Up coming post soon) So since becoming into a new mom, I had to reluctantly change my diet with a whole lot of cheat days too. Because lets admit it, we all fall into temptation for food, all kinds. I once in a while crave greens and one of my favorite greens are callaloo. This bunch was gifted from my neighbor where she grow in her backyard. I would love to plant a little vegetable farm but I seriously don't have a lot of time, or skills rather, if it even takes skills. Though, I one day shall try. 

There are many ways you eat callaloo. My mother pairs it with boiled green bananas, fried yellow plantains and maybe with a side of roast breadfruit. I swear its so good. You can also check out some Callaloo styles on Africanbites.com