Mints & Pistachios

I turned 30 years old last month, and one thing I can say has changed about me is my view on womanhood and sexuality. Feeling grown and loving you as is, is imperative. And that means to be comfortable in the skin you're in as well finding the right pieces that will highlight your homemade goods. This dress from Tobi is beautiful and perfect for the spring and summer season, I love how the fabric sits, it is airy and the settle detailing makes me want to run through a meadow field of sunflowers. It gave me a country home feel, where you can just imagine sitting on your porch with lemonade and mints while waiting for that kissed summer breeze. 

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Bare with me...

Bare with me, every journey is your own. No one can tell you where to go, go back, turn left no turn right. The right way is your way whether you fail or succeed 

I have so many questions on the my life journey. My path seems clouded, crowded with errands, family, friends and duties. I forget my purpose, what I am supposed to be doing, I walk with my eyes covered and my heart shielded. I put my feelings and wants aside for the sake of others. In the mix of it all I lose my balance, my wants as well as happiness. Though I do not realize it until I stop, and think to myself and say "I am literally unhappy", why? Because I have forgotten myself. Forgotten my rules of life. 

I have so many things I want to talk about, I am hoping I can come around more to tell how I feel.

Thanks for reading