A Visual Diary...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Cette Beaute...

 Met up with this belle as well as other beauties last weekend for Ferris Wheel J's music video. 
Great style
Great fun
Great ora 

Fashion bloggers Raquel of www.Raquelpaiva.com & Maria of www.Tinaamaria.com 
Vintage Coat
Vintage Wool sweater
H&M  Shirt
Levi's Boyfriend Jeans
Zara Shoes
Zara Pouch Clutch 


  1. I honestly did not know which post to comment on...all your photos are absolutely breathtaking. I'm an immediate fan. Love the purse and the coat.
    Texas Jak

  2. Aww gee thanks! So appreciate the love! xoxo

  3. LOL you and this slay, makes me smile all the time! Thanks for stopping by hun, your love is always welcomed and appreciated. Eat.Style.Play baby!!