The Accessory Shop...

 Since school finished I felt so guilty neglecting the shop. Just the load of focusing on graduation and starting a new job was overwhelming and sometimes upsetting considering that this is one of the things I love to do that is dear to my heart including the amateur photography. I feel excited when I make new things. When a product is almost finished (jewelry and photos), its like a rush of high (sounds so weird) I get that is filled with so much emotions and hope that I just can't wait to share it. 

I've been struggling with product image. Do I want a white back ground? Do I want anything in the background? Will it look tacky if anything is in the background. I tried doing just white background with white cardboard paper, however I have to edit each item and each time the white background comes out different which becomes very blocky and noticeable on the site. Soooo, I wanted to go outside for the accessory shoot yesterday but a quick change of plans resulted into this. I found a empty shelve in my home that I wanted to use visually for in a long time. The jar, flower pot and candle were already there just used it at props. 

The shop got a lovely facelift and dope new items. Check it out!

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  1. the bracelet is beautiful

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