I have been working so much that I almost forgot about myself. I purchased a vintage Schwinn Bike in Greenpoint Brooklyn the other day and it was the best decision I've made in my life. Considering that my commute to work has changed from Manhattan to 3 train stops away from home, it is more cost efficient to just ride sometimes, and boy is it faster! Though I need to get the hang of it because I am not one to indulge in such exertions. 

Chase the Time...

 Time now is blissful. It is spent with the most important people in my life and I am appreciating every minute of it. 

(95% of photos used in this post are from the iPhone 5S)

By Life, Bye Life

I am truly never satisfied, I want to test my limits in photography. Lately I haven't been feeling as imaginative, as elevated when I am shooting. Work has made me too exhausted to even care to take a photo, or care to even create a hair pin, which is horrible. I now realize I have to find balance. Balance in hobbies, love, friends, acknowledgement, family, entertainment and me... Bye life