Test Run...

 I have come to the realization that I cannot depend on anyone to do what I need them to do. Or, considering the person that I am, I really don't feel like depending on persons, only because I don't want anyone to feel as if they are obligated. So, I finally have a tripod and yesterday I decided to try some test shots in my parent's backyard. Though I am not proud of the shots I decided to share them with you anyway. I have to get use to balancing the camera straight because the ground can be unbalanced, other than that its show time. The mysterious person (My partner) behind most of my photos no longer have to deal with my anal attitude, ranting, and yelling because of that perfect shot, now I just can do it myself……………………………... Last weekend I went home to my parents to get away from "that Brooklyn life" (and of course for mamas cooking) which can be so draining. The few days there, I felt tranquil, quiet and at peace…

Thanks for reading


  1. I love the shots! I think you did amazing! I wish i lived in an area where my surroundings weren't so public or I would be outside every day taking photos...Good Luck with your future shots! I am sure they will be perfect!

  2. Good luck. Feel you on not having to depend on someone to take your money shots, i can realate :))). I use a tripod too for 99.99% of my blog photos. It can be a bit challenging but with constant practice, that guy will be you new best friend.I do think these photos still turned out great.

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  3. Beautiful shots, especially the third one! You clearly can do it by yourself, without asking nobody else!

  4. oh!! wanna steal that crop sweatshrt from ya!



  5. They turned out pretty well, it's quite frustrating when you think you have a good angle but then you see that you're face is chopped off.

    Buckets & Spades

  6. I'm the exact same way! I hate depending on people.
    I LOVE these photos!! The background is perfect.


    ps- I'm a new follower!

  7. I can only do this here! I totally wish I can go out, hopefully soon, just have to get over who is looking.

  8. Yes! I'll just take the initiative, thanks you so much Alona! ;)

  9. I have the same struggle hence why I an saving up for a tripod stand to enable me take my own pics . It's a pain hustling for people to help me take pics for my blog. Btw u nailed the shots girls.x


  10. it's true.. I'm starting to believe the age old saying "if you want something done right, you better do it yourself"
    not sure why you're not proud of the photos, they are lovely! have a very cool grunge feel.

  11. It is better to do it yourself, because of the liberated feeling after… Thank you so much Sarah! x

  12. i love that sweatshirt! i saw it online at urban outfitters and was thinking about getting it.
    great blog btw


  13. Love your jumper! x


  14. Love the entire fit..