Black Cocoon...

Seek Week II

 Some days I think to myself "what a lonely girl I am". Not lonely in a negative term, though it is hard to not see it that way. Truth is, I do not mind being "lonely" I prefer to stand in my own realm, be my own entity. It's weird… because it is totally hard to do in a city like New York. I guess it keeps me from going crazy.
 Still think the sunset in Canada is more beautiful but Brooklyn's sunset will have to do
 I have been stacking up on rings lately, the fakes are already starting change so I'll just have to get them dipped. This watch is amazing from Urban Outfitters on sale. I own one watch and its about to get very jealous of this one. 
Nail color = Loreal Now You Sea Me
Really big fan of pasta and veggies, I can live off this for the rest of my life. Last Sunday afternoon I wanted to make a quick dinner that is filling but not to heavy. 

Taste even better with a little sprinkled parmesan.

Whole wheat pasta
Pesto Sauce
Grilled chicken seasoned
Mince garlic
Bell peppers
Jamaican squash 

The Casuals...

I am totally a casual girl, since youth. And lately since the changes of October strolled in, it just makes me feel like snuggling up in a big sweater with my brown-sugar cinnamon latte. 

Total admiration over this Notorious BIG pullover from Urban Outfitters 
Levi's high-waist jeans


 Haven't been a bit talkative lately have I? I can not explain why, I have been doing so much, coincidentally, around the time school started. And though it is really nothing major, I "think" I was doing some soul searching as well... Whatever that is going on with me it is obvious that I am going through another change, another segment, another age (no one warned me about adult hood even though I've been here a while). 

However serenity for me is photography, but I'm no photographer...

Thanks for reading
 Tree being
Day & Night 
Primary colors...
Diamond in the sky...