Crossing the Bridge...

No clue why I was pointing up in this photo, I did not take much shots - so this was the best

Trepidation from unexpected life journeys is the most terrifying. The quote that is used everywhere: "I'll cross that bridge when I get there" - though when truly, I am just as comfortable staying where I am now. Some days I am too afraid to cross that bridge considering I do not want to end up where I don't want to be. I suppose it is a part of life to end up somewhere unexpected, intermittently deal with anguish along with hardships. 

Over the holiday weekend I took a trip over the Williamsburg Bridge - curiosity and restlessness I guess...

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Echo scarf ~ Lust Blazer ~ Levi's shorts ~ Only Hearts Bandeau 


  1. Just incredible! you look amazing and I am SO jealous of where you are right now!
    beautiful beautiful!
    Love your blog, now following xx

  2. perfect theme with the background