I Love You Overall...

It has been incredibly cool lately in New York and I can't seem to complain. Though I hate the cold, it is bitter sweet for me considering I can wear whatever I want, and there is nothing better than a oversized overalls. The last time I owned a pair of denim overalls... I was in elementary school and lately since I have been in a thrifting mood, I found this vintage Old Navy jumper in my local thrift shop. Suddenly, I live in this place, I love the thrill of finding a piece so valuable yet so friggin cheap
Fell in love with this shack. I attended a BBQ in Long Island and this beauty was nestled in a corner. Oh I wonder the stories it would tell...


  1. Very stylish outfit!

    love the denim overall!

    great pics!

    kisses x


  2. I love the combination denim overall & crop top. This looks great :)
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    **Demi V.**

  3. Nice finds! I bought some denim overalls recently too after not wearing it since school like you lol. The shack is really interesting too! xoxo.

  4. I love how you style those overalls. It's a boyfriend's jeans and overalls combo! That's great! Keep in touch! x


  5. Love this. Your styled those overalls so well! x