Back to Black...

 Can you believe this year is literally almost over? I do not want to blink because I am afraid I'll open them at the age of 50. These beautiful summer nights I want to savor, the every day Brooklyn sunset are always so tasteful, lighting up the nights with glass clings and sinful laughter, salty mosquito bites and the mixture scent of hot coal and BBQ. It is time to say goodbye... 
Did a little back to school shopping over the weekend and bagged some cool new items. This Tiller hate from Brixton is something I have waiting for a long time considering that have a growing afro. It is getting more difficult to find hats that will fit my big head and my hair. This lace dress is killer divine, great for the Fall season.

Zara sandals ~ Rayban Legend Sunglasses ~ Tiller Brixton hat ~ Urban Outfitters 
School is back! So I picked up a few things; I hate to go crazy on school supplies so every year I buy these simple few things. No. 2 mechanical pencil because I hate using pens (I tend to mess up all the time), post its to section off my notes and mini journals for my agenda. That is it! All under $10 at Staples... 

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  1. Some really amazing stuff you've got. Gonna look chic ;)

    xoxo Gozika

  2. I love the necklace you bought!

  3. Very nice stuff. That necklace is a stand out piece. Love it.

  4. Love the sunglasses and hat! great picks

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  5. I love the first picture. Good luck with your school =^.^=