Oh Canada...

Hey to all my Canadians! My mother and I have traveled up north for the week. I do not travel much, well, at least once a year, or I try to. So this year we wanted to go somewhere different however we also wanted to be in the comfort of our family. So, since we have never been to Canada, we just decided to take a quick trip just for the experience. Quebec is so cool, no complaints but I know sooner or later after day 3, I will be missing my mini Brooklyn apartment with my Hun. I'll miss the random dog barks at all times of the day, the car alarms which echoes through your window.... and that sweet bell sound of the Hispanic Icy lady... being home sick is inevitable...

I don't have much photos yet because I just arrived but I am planning to be the tourist which I am most excited to be... see you soon


Now I am resting at my family's home, a wee bit sleepy from the plane ride here but I am trying to fight it... 


  1. You have an amazing blog ! :)

  2. Thank you so much for visiting Sha! ;)

  3. Welcome to Canada Sade. The people and the place are a breath of fresh air. Enjoy your stay.