Deeper Wishing...

Happy Independence Day! Last night my Hun and I rode down to One Brooklyn Park pier to see if we could catch some of the fireworks from the Hudson river. Unfortunately the view wasn't great but the sunset was glorious. The night was unbearably muggy and the air was thick, so the sky just painted this beautiful haze, which was enough of a show for me. 
Finally have my own business cards and I am in love with them. I am very proud however I need to do more
There are some days, when I awake; I start to think, and think. Where I think myself out of bed, the other morning I woke up thinking about hairpins. I have been pinning up my hair lately because the heat in New York has been dangerously hot and its frizzing my hair. I made these for myself and decided I will make better ones for the Black & Olive shop. It's funny, because I started with just making bracelets and now I am slowing moving on to making other accessories. I think I am on to something here...


  1. I somehow love all your pictures, they are something in there I cannot really tell, but really much loved them all. I hpe you had a good holidays!
    PS. New look on my blog:)

  2. Lovely thoughtful post, looks like an amazing place!!

    Robyn x

  3. Thank you so much Tanya! Happy weekend! :)

  4. Indeed it is Thank you Robyn :)

  5. You are most welcome! Really enjoying reading your posts, new follower for yooooou! x

  6. beautiful photos, that landscapes look amazing! :)

    Away From The Blue