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Friday, June 21, 2013

Creme Knits...

 I am frustrated, only because life is moving too fast. Time simply waits for no one and that is the dead truth. Summer is finally here and there are so many things I want to do. But I do this every summer, when the time comes to go to this concert or go to that party event, I flake out because I either just can not bother or have to deal with a family member, or go to another event. Really and truly I don't want to sound selfish, however there are days or even weeks I just do not feel like being bothered by anyone or anything (Vegetable days I call it). It is like I shut down mentally and verbally, only being cognizant of myself. During these times I am the most productive with my jewelry, photography and blog; ideas come to mind, images begin to form. These emotional strides are beginning to get annoying because I need and want to be more productive... I don't know maybe I am being hard on myself ...

Maybe I should talk about the outfit now instead of throwing my crisis on you guys. Divine dress, I bought it in Park Slope Brooklyn at a street festival. Normally I don't buy clothing from these events because they can purposely jack up the prices knowing that people will still buy. Though I could not help being a woman and look anyways, this dress amongst others stood out. I love the delicate knit as well as the soft tint. I thought since it is a girly girl dress it will go perfect with a biker jacket and boots to give it contrast and edge.

Quick vent: Yesterday I went to a thrift shop in my neighborhood and saw this most beautiful lingerie vintage dress, I am kicking myself in the butt because for one second I put the dress down on the rack and turned around it was gone! I wee wee-d all the way home (especially when I saw the lady who took the dress) knowingly I will never find a piece like that again... It was gorgeous

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 Zara faux biker jacket ~ SM wardrobe dress ~ Steve Madden Grizz boots   


  1. Gorgeous pic!! that dress looks beautiful on you :)



  2. Your blog is stunning ! Love your style, and the way your pics!

    Have a sweet day !


    Rose Bonbon


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  4. You look great! Beautiful outfit. :)

  5. I really like the leather jacket and the boots- I like the fact that those pieces can we worn with dresses, shorts or pants and still look good. You've really combined it beautifully.