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Friday, June 21, 2013

Creme Knits...

 I am frustrated, only because life is moving too fast. Time simply waits for no one and that is the dead truth. Summer is finally here and there are so many things I want to do. But I do this every summer, when the time comes to go to this concert or go to that party event, I flake out because I either just can not bother or have to deal with a family member, or go to another event. Really and truly I don't want to sound selfish, however there are days or even weeks I just do not feel like being bothered by anyone or anything (Vegetable days I call it). It is like I shut down mentally and verbally, only being cognizant of myself. During these times I am the most productive with my jewelry, photography and blog; ideas come to mind, images begin to form. These emotional strides are beginning to get annoying because I need and want to be more productive... I don't know maybe I am being hard on myself ...

Maybe I should talk about the outfit now instead of throwing my crisis on you guys. Divine dress, I bought it in Park Slope Brooklyn at a street festival. Normally I don't buy clothing from these events because they can purposely jack up the prices knowing that people will still buy. Though I could not help being a woman and look anyways, this dress amongst others stood out. I love the delicate knit as well as the soft tint. I thought since it is a girly girl dress it will go perfect with a biker jacket and boots to give it contrast and edge.

Quick vent: Yesterday I went to a thrift shop in my neighborhood and saw this most beautiful lingerie vintage dress, I am kicking myself in the butt because for one second I put the dress down on the rack and turned around it was gone! I wee wee-d all the way home (especially when I saw the lady who took the dress) knowingly I will never find a piece like that again... It was gorgeous

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 Zara faux biker jacket ~ SM wardrobe dress ~ Steve Madden Grizz boots   

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seek Week...

 Signs from my camera
Love bodegas, however not just any. If it is slightly run down, has entertaining hues and smell like fried eggs and bacon ....you are in the right place, pass go, collect $200
Finally I was able to make one of my first pieces of necklaces, for months I struggled finding the look I am going for. Though, so far, this is a great start, but I need to challenge myself more. You can check out most of my jewelry Here 
This piece will be up soon

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dusty Wood...

 Boredom struck yesterday afternoon and that is when the laziness comes in. I had to get some fresh air because I don't want this summer vacation from school slip by. It is a shame that I am still thinking about school when there is two more month left of blissful pleasures. My hun and I went bike riding yesterday to pass the day, I must say I hate riding, the work is too much sometimes or maybe I just need a new bike. Whatever the reason may be, it was well worth it as always because when I arrived home and bathed, anything after became a blur, before I knew it I woke up to the sun piercing through my eyes...

I use to hate shorts because I thought my legs were too skinny, however as I get older, I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin; not only that, as I am becoming more of a woman, I feel more sexier... However these shorts will definitely give that sexy a boost. And the shoes I bought at DSW some time ago and after a period I fell in love. I am not a buckle girl, as a matter of fact that is why I was so skeptical about these boots, but the more I wore them with ANYTHING, the more I wanted to wear them with ANYTHING! Divine

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Zara tee ~ Levi's denim shorts ~ Steve Madden Grizz ankle boots

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dark Places...

Life can be so bitter sweet, as I listen to patters of Monday's showers I think of how far I have come and how far I have to go. Everyday, I wake up with a very loud mind with thoughts and images rotating like a vintage film projector. Flooding my heart with all kinds of emotions, the anticipation and trepidation make me want to just go into a dark place, silence my cognition. Sometimes it is just too much pressure but I won't... I choose to stay

Friday, June 7, 2013

White Tee + Red Skips...

 What a lazy week this week has been. I tried my hardest to be productive however something always held me back, most of the times that some thing is sleep, laziness, or food. As I sit down at my desk while deep conditioning my hair on this lazy Friday, it is rainy, and cold (not hot like last week). I don't even want to look outside much less go out there. I think I am going to take this week off ... even though the week practically ended already, I guess my body made that decision before my brain could catch up...
With that being said, in addition to a lazy week, it has been boyfriend jeans and sweats week. My favorite! and nothing like a fresh white tee to go with it. I struggle with finding the right White tee, I sound crazy yes though you must agree that every white tee is not the same. I bought this tee from Zara and the fabric is divine. I love a thin layer, fine drapery, crisp white tee shirt. Only issue is what happens after you wash it although I have not had any problems yet. 

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