Time & Life...

 Time simply waits for no one and that is a quote that I have to try and remember for the rest of my life. Yesterday morning I lost a great friend, He was kind, loving and one of the best friends I have ever had. Images of laughter of him and me play like an old film tape over and over in my head, I tear when I hear him say "Sade you are a good friend". Bitter sweet as I remember the tougher times where it became closer to the end. I did not want to believe he was going away so I coded it all with my work, school and me; and now I feel like shit because I felt like I could of been more of a friend to him, held his hand, wipe his tears. However I know I can't do or be everything but somehow I wish I could...

Forever in my dreams Charles Lewis
H&M Light Knit top ~ Shorts Urban Outfitters ~ Bag Zara ~ Shoes SixtySeven


  1. I wish the British UO sold shorts as good as this!
    Your outfit is to die for (as usual)! I'm a silent follower but your blog is becoming one of my firm favourites!
    Bekki / www.Inguz-Fashion.blogspot.com x

    1. It's funny because I am constantly on the British websites because I think you guys get better pieces! We need to switch closets! LOL Thanks so much for following! I have been a quiet follower as well! You always show me love and Thank you for that! Bekki :)

  2. lol! Thanks so much Maria!

  3. You are great Thanks!!! :)

  4. Lovely photos. I love your jumper too! x


  5. Love your photos and ofcourse your outfits!

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  6. Hey girl, thx for dropping by. Such a pleasure to have discovered your blog. I really like your style and aesthetics. Following you know and hope to stay in touch :)

    xoxo Gozika


  7. Thank you so much Tephany!

  8. Thanks Gozika! Your blog is amazing! Will do! :)

  9. cassandra ikegbuneJuly 9, 2013 at 3:49 AM

    you take amazing photographs. I'm so sorry about your friend. May he rest in absolute peace