Bad Girls (Verdine version)...

 The song of the summer for me, even though the season has not started - Bad girls (Verdine version) by Solange is on constant rotation to the point that I want to live through the friggin song. These past couple of days were a blur, it is the last couple of weeks of school and I truly am stressed.... So when you hear on the news that some crazy black girl is running around the streets butt naked, jumping for joy, screaming "ITS FRIGGIN OVER"... don't panic, it's just me.... school had just let out for summer

Another shoot with Herbert Alvarado 
Zara faux leather biker jacket ~ Men's Tommy Hilfiger shirt ~ Levi's shorts ~ Steve Madden shoes


  1. I am also very stressed, I have exams this whole week and I can't wait for them to be over. You look so pretty, but that's nothing new =^.^=

    1. Ugh girl! it is too much! I have 3 more weeks! I am counting down the days

  2. hi !nice blog !do you want to follow eachother?
    Have a nice week end!!Kisses from A sparkle ROME!
    i wait for you soon!

  3. This outfit is amazing! xo, Oona (

  4. You look too cool here! But I need to know about that nail polish's so awesome.

  5. Loooooove this shirt!!!!