Around the way...

 We finally hit 80 degrees in New York and I just could not help myself! I needed to feel that quick stinging sensation that causes a spread of goosebumps across your body. Even though it is too early for tank tops, who cares?! This burn-out crop top from Forever 21 was perfect and the color is great for this season. I have never owned a white bottom piece in my life, only because I travel on the subways often, and it is hard to keep white clean with New York's dirty stations and trains (or even from walking down the street, anything can happen!). However, this year is different, I randomly bought this white high-wasited denim jeans from American Apparel and it fits divine! 

Forever21 crop tank ~ American Apparel High-waisted denim jeans ~ Sixty-Seven ankle boots ~ RayBan legends 


  1. i love how your pictures looks so vintage its so cool and the photography is amazing!

  2. Great outfit!
    I especially like your shoes!

    By the way, nice photos! ^^

    - Stéphanie T.