Time Traveling

Time has moved. As a younger youth I could not wait to reach adulthood.  Now... all I want to do it run! Time is moving too fast; next month I will be turning 27 years old... 27?!!! Whoa! I don't even remember turning 22! My twenties, as it is slowly dissipating, has zoomed by and now I am in panic mood. What can I do in my twenties that is frowned upon in my thirties?! Whose world can I raise havoc? I am panicking because I am watching family and friends around me start their own families, getting married, getting divorced to married again... it is just too much! They never warned me about this. I am not ready to jump in that wagon yet; I still have some more things to do.

In due time...


  1. Nice pics!



    1. Thank so much! Thanks for much for visiting Alice! Great blog!

  2. 27 is still young in my eyes, you have lots of time to do what you need to do before hitting 30!
    But I do agree, time is flying way too fast!
    I'm 22 this year but it still feels as if I turned 18 just the other day.. so scary at how quickly things are passing me by.. sad at the same time but exciting too :D

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    1. Oh yea! it is very exciting! Just enjoy every min of it because now I feel I have missed a whole lot! lol