Metro Quarantine...

 Just how I felt this week... Like a big bag of doggy poop lol. I have been totally sick over the pass week and have been trying my best to avoid that tragedy. However I still managed to catch the bug from these ratchet New Yorkers. Spring break is in a few weeks and I am excited to have just one week to never wake up. Right now there is nothing but papers and midterms so I have to try and get better sooner or later. I am trying out this new drug...the greatest drug in the world right now. Boiron, I took this pill as instructed and it actually did cut down the severeness of my cold to a minimum. Therefore, I do not need to plug my lungs up to the wall this time, and that is a plus when all you want to do is breathe! 

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  1. love your blog really nice the name BlackandOlive and even the filter and the style of your photos! Congrats!