Moving along...

The journey to the end begins again. I am back in school and already I am holding out my hand for my degree! (Gimme!)I am greedy as of right now. Waking up everyday to go sit in a classroom can be a drag however soothing at the same time. Because I would be hanging myself with toilet paper if I were at home doing nothing. So pardon me for complaining, I should know better, there are children in this world that can't even get an education. And here am being ungrateful! 

Anyway, lets get on to the goods. I am making a promise to myself to explore more of my city. Once I actually purchase a good enough camera I am certain I would be more determined to get out more. Until then... I want to tell you about these wedged boots by Steve Madden called Thronne. Adore! I purchased it last year and threw it at the bottom of my closet to never see again until this weekend. The chestnut color is so divine it goes with just about anything. So I paired it up with a pair of boyfriend jeans from Levi's, an oversized button up blouse and a thick knit. 

Thanks for reading!


Forever 21 knit cardigan ~ H&M blouse ~ Levi boyfriend jeans ~ Steve Madden Thronne bootie