Posh & Jaded

 My secret obsession...

Every other week or so I literally itch for nail polish. I don't care for brands though I do have my favorites. Some of them suck than the others but what wins my heart are the colors. I love bright bold colors, dark colors and mellow colors. It depends on my mood

So... I bought this new nail polish from Revlon called Posh (green) and Jaded (pastel)  from Target. I spent the rest of the day beguiled from the tones; undecided on which color to wear first! (my tribes and tribulations)
My nails are always brittle, the corners tend to chip first and that can be a real pain because it would snag my clothes and even my hair! My mother told me about Sally Hansen's nail growth miracle for growth and treatment. I have only been using it for two weeks and already I see and feel a big difference. I don't see that much of growth yet but my nails feel totally harder than usual.


*Sally Hasen nail growth is applied before polish, then used as top coat after applying polish. 
*Then apply one coat every other day or after 2 days.

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