Do As You Please

I have been so lazy lately ever since school ended. Mr. bed has been my lover for the past couple of weeks. Though I would love to spend the rest of my life in bed, I have to truck it and go I have to figure out my next move. Walking across the Manhattan Bridge today was cool. It is not the best view oppose to the Brooklyn bridge however it's rusted decadence has it's own significance.

This is the Boyfriend oversized coat I talked about in recent post! I am just in love with it it's my favorite! I bought it from H&M and removed the buttons and sewed on new ones. I wanted to add more of a classic contrast with a little touch of masculinity. And these leggings from Zara friggin rock! And It looks and feels like leather. 

H&M Boyfriend oversized coat ~ H&M Scarf ~ Urban Outfitter's Top ~ Zara Leather leggings ~ Steve Madden Londunn boots


  1. You're so cool! Loved the outfit but specially those sunglasses and that coat!

    1. Thanks so much Cony you're great! These Raybans sunglasses are my everyday favorites! Hope to hear from you soon Cony! Thanks for visiting! :)