Chase Bank, Downtown Brooklyn

2013 will probably, for me, the year of the grind. There are so many things I want to get and accomplish that I do not know where to start. Well, first things first, school as I know it takes up 85% of my time. So therefore, I would have to find 15% of that time left to do whatever it is to be done. The products in the Black & Olive shop on has been selling moderately and it is time to expand a little, open up my creativity tunnel, and see how far I can go with this.

Furthermore, I try to set a yearly goal by using the power of the universe to concentrate on the energy around me to be more positive and enlighten - which is so hard sometimes. Last year, I wrote down my goals on a piece of paper and place it on my mirror so that every morning I can see it, know it, and believe it. (Stolen from a book called The Secret - must have) And it has worked out for me thus far, so here are this year's goals into making me, the blog, the business, and relationships better. 

1. Remain mentally stable for my family and friends - lol
2. Expand jewelry making creativity
3. Better quality photos for blog
4. Challenges my inner creativity
5. Stay focus and try to remain organized
6. Go out more with loved ones
7. Meditation 

Though there are plenty more personal ones, the last is imperative. Life to me can not or will not remain promising unless you recognize yourself as a "being"

Thanks for reading


  1. I am giving it my best show with #3 and #5 (#1 is totally shot) but with #3 it is so hard to get all the elements together. The time, the equipment at the right time, location, managing it alone or enlisting a photog. I am new to blogging but that is definitely a challenge. Any ideas? I see you have been doing this (really well) for much longer than i have.


    1. Hey Amanda, I totally agree with you on #1, just thought I could still give it a try. Love your blog by the way, and great style! I am fairly new to this blogging thing too, however the only little advice I can give to you is to be yourself and original. Try not to follow what other bloggers are doing because then it would be hard to keep your own individuality (which you already have of your own). Thanks so much for reading Amanda and Hope to hear from you again! :)