Blurry bad news...

What I heard from you, I can't really remember, though it sent me into a slumber

Posh & Jaded

 My secret obsession...

Every other week or so I literally itch for nail polish. I don't care for brands though I do have my favorites. Some of them suck than the others but what wins my heart are the colors. I love bright bold colors, dark colors and mellow colors. It depends on my mood

So... I bought this new nail polish from Revlon called Posh (green) and Jaded (pastel)  from Target. I spent the rest of the day beguiled from the tones; undecided on which color to wear first! (my tribes and tribulations)
My nails are always brittle, the corners tend to chip first and that can be a real pain because it would snag my clothes and even my hair! My mother told me about Sally Hansen's nail growth miracle for growth and treatment. I have only been using it for two weeks and already I see and feel a big difference. I don't see that much of growth yet but my nails feel totally harder than usual.


Rambling thoughts...

Listening to the sirens fading through Brooklyn's arctic streets, I ask what is my calling? What is my being? I see that every individual have their meaning, purpose, path and being. That entity could only give advice as a result of each path disparities. I am coming of age where the questions of who, what, and where fumbles through my mind intermittently... I am, what I thought would never come, a woman. And as a woman, that is constantly, effortlessly, and flawlessly changing, I wonder my meaning.  I perceived that there are stages of woman hood that cannot be compared to other's exploration. So...what is the purpose of my being as a woman?

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Old But Good

 Digging in your closet is always fun. I found this vintage dress and Gucci purse which I just love. Plus, it was unbelievably nice out this Sunday...


Yesterday was my first Friday not at work nor at school. Reality has not hit me yet and I am not waiting on it. I was in bed all day! My boyfriend kept telling that I need to start making moves with my blog and jewelry and not get comfortable. Of course he is right but I am loving this time of simplicity. It felt divine waking up after the sun while he kisses your face...

I'll wake up soon

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Never Regret Yesterday

There was a quote I read the other day....

"Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow"
                                                               L. Ron Hubbard

"Life is in you today" Today I was released from my employer. Some may say at this time it can be a horrible thing. Yes of course it stings a little however if you look on the brighter side of things. Every job I have had was a great learning experience, which mold me into who I am today. Evolution, or life as we call it, has a way of opening and closing doors. If I want something in life it is in me today, and maybe something "terrible" has to happen if I want to "make my tomorrow" the way I desired it to be. When tomorrow does come I'll never regret yesterday. So! it is not the end of the world because I still have to sit in a classroom starting in two weeks. 

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Chase Bank, Downtown Brooklyn

2013 will probably, for me, the year of the grind. There are so many things I want to get and accomplish that I do not know where to start. Well, first things first, school as I know it takes up 85% of my time. So therefore, I would have to find 15% of that time left to do whatever it is to be done. The products in the Black & Olive shop on has been selling moderately and it is time to expand a little, open up my creativity tunnel, and see how far I can go with this.

Furthermore, I try to set a yearly goal by using the power of the universe to concentrate on the energy around me to be more positive and enlighten - which is so hard sometimes. Last year, I wrote down my goals on a piece of paper and place it on my mirror so that every morning I can see it, know it, and believe it. (Stolen from a book called The Secret - must have) And it has worked out for me thus far, so here are this year's goals into making me, the blog, the business, and relationships better. 

1. Remain mentally stable for my family and friends - lol
2. Expand jewelry making creativity
3. Better quality photos for blog
4. Challenges my inner creativity
5. Stay focus and try to remain organized
6. Go out more with loved ones
7. Meditation 

Though there are plenty more personal ones, the last is imperative. Life to me can not or will not remain promising unless you recognize yourself as a "being"

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Do As You Please

I have been so lazy lately ever since school ended. Mr. bed has been my lover for the past couple of weeks. Though I would love to spend the rest of my life in bed, I have to truck it and go I have to figure out my next move. Walking across the Manhattan Bridge today was cool. It is not the best view oppose to the Brooklyn bridge however it's rusted decadence has it's own significance.

This is the Boyfriend oversized coat I talked about in recent post! I am just in love with it it's my favorite! I bought it from H&M and removed the buttons and sewed on new ones. I wanted to add more of a classic contrast with a little touch of masculinity. And these leggings from Zara friggin rock! And It looks and feels like leather.