Pencil Black

 2 more weeks of school left and I am amazed that I haven't broke down in tears yet! Though school is not officially out of session, it's never too late to ball out crying

I went online the other day to look for a pencil skirt that I can wear casually and formally. This black high waist pencil skirt I bought from Miss Selfridge is amazing! I am in love with this new trend! It's comfortable (except if your a speed walker), it's skin tight (My kind of piece) to frame your body, and it goes with anything! I love pieces I can wear all the time; the knowing of just throwing something on real quick and still look like fashionably hot! What's also great about my skirt is that it comes in several other colors! So you don't have to be boring like me and stick to black

Forever 21 Knit Sweater ~ Corner Stone Sex kitten Tee ~ Miss Selfridge Pencil Skirt ~ Steven Boots

P.S I also bought some Lucky Brand bracelets for dirt cheap at Macy's!!! $10.. I am pretty sure this sale is going on throughout the holiday's so get with it! - Affordable gifts for her


  1. Omg,burst out in tears?

    This must've been a really rough year at school. I hope your holidays make up for it! :)

    xo, Natasha Solae

    1. Rough is not the word! Today was the last day of the semester and I can not be more happier! lol Thanks for reading Natasha! :) Happy Holidays!