It's Christmas Time in Hollis Queens

 Happy Holidays to all! I hope everyone received all that they wanted! I surely wish I did, but I am happy that we are not burned to ashes, we get to live at least another year lol...

For Christmas I went home to Hollis Queens to my parents house, my favorite place in the world next to the flea market. My parents haven't celebrated any holiday in about five years so this year they wanted to hold something small and more intimate. And mom had to make sure I was going to spend Christmas with her, dad and my brothers. So, of course, being that I was born and raised in Hollis Queens, that Christmas song by Run DMC always comes to mind. I grabbed my rope chain, Adidas and younger brother so we can parlay about the old days in the hood.

Good thing about coming home is going through your old closet. My style of dress has changed tremendously and it is funny to watch my evolution of style. Though, I am considering buying more men's apparel, I am trying to get myself into more heels and dresses but it's too bitter cold in New York,  so just can not bother! So the other day when I went to Macy's, I was roaming around the men's department to see what I can pick up for my brother and came across this hot sweater from Lil Wayne's brand TrukFit! Now, I will be brutally honest, I do not like TrukFit. It's fine if you like it, it is just not my cup of tea but this sweater I could not resist! This Galaxy print trend I am in love with however the only brand I saw with it thus far is Black Milk Clothing

TrukFit Sweatshirt ~ Levi's Leggings ~ Adidas Sneakers

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