Any Last Words?

Happy December! Or maybe not so happy. So apparently the world is suppose to end in 20 days (December 21st). So whatever there is you wanted to do, ya best to doing it NOW! Whether it's finally reading a book, or actually asking that hot guy out, you better make it worth your wild! My boyfriend and me have been so fascinated with the Mayans and their calendar. Watching Youtube documentaries of course feed that addiction. However I am unsure what will happen, though mother earth has been very upset with all of the floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunami's, volcano eruptions ... ok I know I sound crazy but I feel nature has a way of resetting life and we are not the only civilization who lived on this earth. I would hope that nothing happens of course but the world is so corrupt from wars, poverty to education. I know life can't always be pie in the sky for everyone but I really hope it was. It even saddens me when I see a homeless person on the streets and I live in New York! Home for the homeless! I just want the best for everyone no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you look like. Beauty lives in all. 

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