Dreary November

 This week for everyone in New York was the worse. After Hurricane Sandy, the tunnels were either flooded or had no electricity. On top of that homes were destroyed, people lost loved ones and there are no friggin lights. -- what a week! -- As the week comes to an end New Yorkers struggle to try and pick up the pieces of what they have left. Getting to work in the city for me was horrifying and for everyone else that lives in Brooklyn. Since there are no current running through the whole Eastern Manhattan section, the MTA (Train) provided shuttle busses -- Trust me, it's a nightmare! I rather deal with Freddy -- Everyday I come home distraught and troubled because it takes me 3 hours to get a shuttle bus and when I do finally get a bus it's literally packed to the ceiling! I am on this bus for an hour breathing in a strangers carbon monoxide breath... Magical. 
Finally! I am off the bus.. Journey is over... uh no! There's no train running to my house, so now I have to walk home and since Sandy left the city the weather has dropped dramatically. Other than that... My life is just fine and dandy Thank you. 
Thanks for reading! 

H&M scarf ~ Forever 21 Cardigan ~ Michael Kors Jacket ~ Levi Boyfriend jeans ~ Steve Madden Boots

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