Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I truly don't celebrate these westernized holidays mainly because I think it's a bunch of economic bull! However it is imperative since society is so caught up with their everyday busy lives that we do not stop to give thanks for the little or much we have. I think everyday should be a day of giving, love, and gratitude. Where families should take the time out from TV, work, games, social media, etc. and actually sit down and converse. I can not remember the last time I did that unless it is at an event. Though, that is besides the point. 
I don't like Thanksgiving because of it's real history. Praying over ham and turkey is disturbing, especially when I know that the Native Americans were betrayed and slaughtered by the Europeans after having such a precious meal like mine. The western civilization fake stories kill me... Now we have black friday tomorrow... where after we give thanks... we then choke thy neighbor for those crazy sales! 
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Chelsea Gem

I noticed this building on my way to school the other day. It's funny because I have been taking the same route to school ever since I started and there is no other building around that looks like it. Though somehow, being a typical New Yorker, I take beauty around me for granted. 

Chelsea, New York

The Boyfriend Oversized Coat

The boyfriend oversized coats have been my favorite fashion trends for these past couple of years. I bought one from H&M last year that I adore so much I hope I can show you guys soon. This coat covers all aspects, you look stunning, your definitely warm, and you can wear this with anything.
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1. Diane Von Furstenberg Laurel Coat
2. Stanwells Hoss Intropia Oversized Coat
3. TopShop Neoprene Oversized Boyfriend Coat
4. TopShop Quilted Cross Boyfriend Coat
5. River Island Oversized Ribbed Boyfriend Coat
6. Steven Alan Irina Coat 

Black & Olive Jewelry

I am sorry I haven't be able to post as much as I use to. I have 4 more weeks of school left (That went FAST!) and being that we are in the 4th Quarter at work, my hours were increased as well. So I don't even have time to sit on the toilet (lol). My photographer has been busy with school, so he has not be able to come around to take some new outfit shots. Though as soon as we get time, which will be soon, it's going to BLOGGING CENTRAL!

Anyway, since I did not have time for anything else, I did get to make some more bracelets while on my commute to and from school and work. Since that is the only time I actually have Black and Olive time I try to take advantage. Plus, I sold some really cool pieces this month and that has motivated me to make loads more. My only problem is time management when it comes to special request. Being that I do have a hectic schedule my response time is poor and I definitely need to work on that.

As we all know that my handmade beaded bracelets are on Etsy.com in the Black and Olive Shop. However I also created an account with Big Cartel just for those who don't have an account with Etsy. That way no one is forced to do something they don't want to do :)
I am in the process of still adding more bracelets. 

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Vintage Chanel Pearl Round Sunglasses

Yes! I have been craving for them too! I have been watching this glorious piece we lay on the top of our face for the paste couple of months. They were featured in the Chanel 1994 Spring Runway. Here they are... words can not gander. 

Dreary November

 This week for everyone in New York was the worse. After Hurricane Sandy, the tunnels were either flooded or had no electricity. On top of that homes were destroyed, people lost loved ones and there are no friggin lights. -- what a week! -- As the week comes to an end New Yorkers struggle to try and pick up the pieces of what they have left. Getting to work in the city for me was horrifying and for everyone else that lives in Brooklyn. Since there are no current running through the whole Eastern Manhattan section, the MTA (Train) provided shuttle busses -- Trust me, it's a nightmare! I rather deal with Freddy -- Everyday I come home distraught and troubled because it takes me 3 hours to get a shuttle bus and when I do finally get a bus it's literally packed to the ceiling! I am on this bus for an hour breathing in a strangers carbon monoxide breath... Magical. 
Finally! I am off the bus.. Journey is over... uh no! There's no train running to my house, so now I have to walk home and since Sandy left the city the weather has dropped dramatically. Other than that... My life is just fine and dandy Thank you. 
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