Hurricane Sandy

 If you live in the east coast I am sure you are pretty up-to-date with the heck is what's going on. Hurricane Sandy is shutting down New York City! I am not complaining because school is cancelled woohooo!!! LOL -- I was suppose to take a midterm which I did not yet study for. Thanks Sandy! Spared me another week *phew*.  I did a little last minute shopping for some groceries and especially chocolate. I hope it's a minor storm but it looks crazy! Pray for me...

Zara Anorak ~ Forever 21 Knit Cardigan ~ Urban Outfitters Corner Shop Sex Kittens Tee ~ UrbanOutfitters BDG Abstract Legging 


  1. ahh love your style too much! been following u on instagram for ages and ur one of my favourites! definitely following your blog on bloglovin :) xx

    1. Leah!! I've been following you too! You and your sister are lovely and your style is amazing! Thanks for checking out my blog your so cool! Will be following you as well! :)

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