H&M Ankle Boots

 These past 2 years I have been looking for a pair of perfect ankle boots. Me being Ms. Picky, I do not like certain boots as well as my ankles are the same size as the width of a doorknob. So it is extremely hard to find a pair that looks great and fits my ankle the way I want it -- I have this problem with all boots, the width never fits my calves or ankles and I'll be damned if I am walking around with baggy boots so I always take them to the shoe repair to take them in but who wants to spend money right after spending money! Not me! --
So I took a stroll in H&M the other day not really planning to buy anything and these pair of boots peeked up at me and said "I am all you need Sade". At first I was skeptical because let's face it, shoes from these type of stores always come with a consequence. Cheap, No Soles, Jacked up feet... -- First test, Non-looking cheap leather/suede - Check - Second test, Pretty comfortable (except after 6 hours) - Check - No Jacked up Feet - DOUBLE CHECK!!!! And you can't beat the price!

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