1. Everyone must own a leather jacket! I need to get another that fits a little better myself. How do you feel about studs? My friend and I having been trying to talk a friend into buying the black biker jacket that has gold studs on the collar from Zara. It's pretty amazing!!! http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/it/en/zara-W2012/269184/827357/LEATHER%20JACKET%20WITH%20STUDS

    Francis Baker

    1. Hey Francis! That Zara Jacket is absolutely stunning however in my opinion I would rather a timeless piece. I think in some point in time the studs are going to grow a little tiring and clash when you friend wants to keep it simple. I feel like this All saints biker jacket I can wear now and in another 30 years it will still be hot! Thanks for checking out my blog!!! :)