Eye of a Leopard

This week has zoomed by; it went by so fast that I honestly don't even remember what I did. It seems like the closer we get towards the end of the year the faster it goes. It's been extremely hard to keep up with my life responsibilities -- makes me want to go curl up under my mama's arms and whisper to her like a little child "I don't want to be a grown up anymore".

I want to run without stopping, swim without taking a breath, fly without landing. If this is what Adulthood is then stop the spinning of the earth because I want to get off!! It can't be working at a dead-end job until your 85 years old; it can't be paying for education after 20-30years! (Just thinking about it gives me a headache) I always wondered how people have full-time jobs. I know I sound like a spoiled child but I made a promise to myself to never work full-time. I refused to give all my time for 30-40 years to someone or a company that is not benefiting me in a positive way. -- That's called modern day slavery -- Some might say, "Well isn't money a great benefit" no... Though it definitely does helps it's not something I'll go crazy over. I have no shame shopping at flea markets!

Vintage Top ~ Levi's jeans ~ H&M Cardigan ~ Steve Madden Londunn Boot ~ Oscar Jacobson specs


  1. I love that fourth photo! And yea my fro is aight but I love and appreciate any nice fro, and yours is amazing!!!!

  2. This whole system is modern day slavery! Not the way our greater power (yes, I do believe) designed for us to live. Anyhoo, LOL at your last comment about flea markets. Cute photo's!


    1. Ugh the higher power pisses me off!!! lol Thanks for coming again Marie! :)