Au revoir Summer

There is going to be a lot of things I am going to miss this summer and a lot that I have missed. For sure, I am going to miss bike riding with my boyfriend. He loves it more than me; I am more of the complainer. I complain and complain on my way to the destination but of course when I get there I am awestruck. It's always an adventure that ends with allure. It conveys a grace of elegance that only happens for three months on the east coast. Now we move on -- which could be our last if the Mayans were right on their calculations -- I left home about 4 years ago to live in Brooklyn with my boyfriend, and since I've been here I fell in love with this place. Born and raised in Queens NY I was such a sheltered quiet child (Not anymore), the only thing I was allowed to do was to ride my bike to the corner and back. So exposure to the outside world was alien to me, however I don't really know if I can actually move out of New York because this is home. Home made me... me

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