Eye of a Leopard

This week has zoomed by; it went by so fast that I honestly don't even remember what I did. It seems like the closer we get towards the end of the year the faster it goes. It's been extremely hard to keep up with my life responsibilities -- makes me want to go curl up under my mama's arms and whisper to her like a little child "I don't want to be a grown up anymore".

I want to run without stopping, swim without taking a breath, fly without landing. If this is what Adulthood is then stop the spinning of the earth because I want to get off!! It can't be working at a dead-end job until your 85 years old; it can't be paying for education after 20-30years! (Just thinking about it gives me a headache) I always wondered how people have full-time jobs. I know I sound like a spoiled child but I made a promise to myself to never work full-time. I refused to give all my time for 30-40 years to someone or a company that is not benefiting me in a positive way. -- That's called modern day slavery -- Some might say, "Well isn't money a great benefit" no... Though it definitely does helps it's not something I'll go crazy over. I have no shame shopping at flea markets!

Au revoir Summer

There is going to be a lot of things I am going to miss this summer and a lot that I have missed. For sure, I am going to miss bike riding with my boyfriend. He loves it more than me; I am more of the complainer. I complain and complain on my way to the destination but of course when I get there I am awestruck. It's always an adventure that ends with allure. It conveys a grace of elegance that only happens for three months on the east coast. Now we move on -- which could be our last if the Mayans were right on their calculations -- I left home about 4 years ago to live in Brooklyn with my boyfriend, and since I've been here I fell in love with this place. Born and raised in Queens NY I was such a sheltered quiet child (Not anymore), the only thing I was allowed to do was to ride my bike to the corner and back. So exposure to the outside world was alien to me, however I don't really know if I can actually move out of New York because this is home. Home made me... me

Texture Symphony

Thursday I had a seminar at my job and the required dress code was business casual. I thought I had an pretty interesting melody going on so I asked a friend to take some quick shots with my phone. I don't really dress up much because I don't really go anywhere of that stature and lately I have been online just browsing for a couple of pieces especially in this category. These pants I bought from Zara are gorgeous! The tone on tone Jacquard print is amazing which just looks stunning in this hunter green -- for some reason this color has been my favorite this year -- Only issue is that I hate American cut; European cut obviously for me works better because I am pretty little lady (Though I can just take it to the tailor). The shirt I just love the bird and tree print, and the briefcase I bought years ago off of ebay for $10. 

Top from 4 Play Brooklyn ~ Zara pants ~ Vintage briefcase ~ Elie Tahari Shoes

Life Is But a Dream

  I have not been having the greatest week. Even though I've had these couple of days off to myself I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished. And when I feel that way I am way too hard on myself. I missed birthday parties, BBQ's and other events that I wanted to attended but just couldn't get out of my warp. I am so caught up in my own aspect on how I want my life to be in the future that I neglect everyone and everything else. The feeling of wanting something so bad is pernicious that it feels like a dream. Days go, weeks fly, and you look at the calendar and realize it's friggin September. I need to get my $^*% together. 

Sneaks 4 Weeks

If it's not obvious already, I am definitely a sneaker girl. I love to be comfortable especially since I am constantly on my feet. I love heels too but I feel like heels are made for sitting and eating. Here in New York, we don't sit; we are always on the move. And if I wear heels I am going to break my ankle running around like a maniac. I am sure sooner or later I will post some pictures in some heels, it's just right now my life is so cluttered with responsibilities that I am actually considering looking for a bottled Genie to grant my wish to go back to when I was 5 years old, with no friggin care in the world! I don't want to be an adult anymore! -- Anyway! These chic footwear from Bows & Arrows are so chic! I love how simple they are. They do resemble men's sneakers however that's what I love most about them. Men sneakers always have a classic cut, they are never complicated, and are never over designed. Some sneaker designers believe they should have some differentiation between women and men sneakers. Why? It's sneakers!

Autumn Le Matin

Fall is finally here in New York. Where you don't know what the heck to wear outside because in the morning it is freezing and in the afternoon it is HOT! It is horrible because I looked so cute this morning with my scarf and knit cardigan. I am a scarf girl all the way, through the rest of the year you will get tired of seeing me in scarves because I own a million of them. This scarf is one of my favorites because I bought it from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was made in India, handmade. -- Yes I can see a beautiful Indian woman, with long black hair braided down her back, and feather earrings, sewing this scarf. -- The best part of this scarf is that it is huge, full of detail, as well as I only paid $15 bucks!! It was 75% off! I jumped on that as well as my Watch that is 16th Century English inspired. I paid a whopping $80 for it and as you can see it's my favorite Watch. And finally, my Jewelry is making their first debut! Yay! In recent post I mentioned that I started making my own beaded jewelry. It's coming along quite well though I just have to find time between school, work, homework, family, boyfriend, friends, and blogging. 

Yea, Im Feeling Crazy...

School is out! woohooo!! -- I know right -- I did just started 3 weeks ago -- Well thank heavens for holidays because I would truely have a nervous break down. So I have a 4 day mini vacation thing going on here. Just thinking about it makes me want to go crazy! Nevertheless after those blissfully orgasmic days it will be crunch time. -- In other words if I don't find a Time Machine within 3 days I'm f*%ked.

5. Asos Multi Pack of Fine Cross Earrings
6. Monserat De Lucca Wrench Ring
7. Adina Mills Design Fuschite Pinky Ring
8. Pierre Hardy Wedged Platform Ankle Boots

Ease The Soul

Art is imperative, not just art but creativity over all. Growing up arts played a great roll in my life whether it was music, dance, or craft. Every summer I spent my week days at The Big Apple Games program for all youths. There we drew, painted, collect lanyards ( Every girl had lanyards -- Cobra, Chinese Staircase, Box, twisted box), sewing, Crocheted, engraved wood and more.

A couple of months ago I watched a TED talk video of Ken Robinson on education and creativity. He mentioned something that has been a buzzing bee behind my ear, he said "all children are born an artist". I'll tell the truth I hated school as a child, what child didn't? But the day I had music or dance I was up bright and early and ready to go to school, I didn't care about any other subject. As I look on the educational system today I feel that they try to place children into categories to who society wants them to be. Everyone knows that question you get as a kid from an adult; Who do you what to be when you grow up?" The answer was always a doctor, lawyer, or teacher. He also said "If your not prepared to be wrong then you will never come up with anything original". Life is all about taking a chance at something you love to do with your inner child. 

Mayla Spring/Summer 2013

Fashion week has been crazy and I am utterly disappointed because I could not be there! Between work and school I transformed into Rosie the Jetson's Robot. Thank heavens for the Internet (How did I survive without this thing? Clearly I had to be a vegetable) because I viewed some fashion shows live online. Sadly fall is almost here, my favorite season, where you can layer up and not look stupid! The Preview of Spring/Summer 2013 is definitely something to look forward to. Mayla's show of Spring/Summer 2013 is thus far one of my favorites because of their exquisite use of the pastels and nudes conspiring with the drapery fabrics.

Chill Flowers

Today was one of those days for me, where I felt like dressing as simple as possible. I didn't feel like wearing make up or jewelry. I don't know when I slapped on my watch and bracelets -- routine I guess -- I was so lazy this morning that I didn't even iron my dress or cardigan. It's ok I made it the style of the day. Just one of those days honey boo boo chil'

Only Hearts cardigan ~ Urdan Outfitters mini floral dress ~ Fossil bag ~ Keds sneakers