Hell is Beautiful

Next stop after Jamaica was the Grand Cayman Island. I visited family members as well while they gave me a mini tour locally. Cayman is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Being that I was on a cruise, time to actually do activities was very limited -- I mean only 5 hrs. limited which became so frustrating. It is really hard to see family and have to leave so soon.

One place that I adored so much I recommend everyone to see if they plan to visit Cayman Island. Welcome to Hell! That is literally the name of this place. Rumor has it is that this is where the devil actually lives because of the condition of the rocks. When in truthfully this section before was completely covered by the sea. Since the water has dissipated and has never returned, the rocks are dried up and some days when it is extremely hot, the rocks turn red and it looks like fire across the land. It is so cool you must go see!

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