First Day Get Up!

Remember the first day of school? Better yet, remember picking out your outfit a couple of days before school. Growing up, the best part of school was the back to school shopping. I didn't care what classes I was taking, who were the teachers, when am I taking lunch or eating lunch for that matter. All I cared about was my first day of school get up! That day was very important for all children in my community; God forbid Mom & Dad bought Payless sneakers -- though my mom was a Payless Queen! It killed me -- Having the right get up on the first day of school is like a dog marking it's territory, but as I get older of course I realize this is so unworthy. This morning as I woke up to my first day of classes and asked my inner goddess, what would you like to wear? -- Chucks? Yup, boyfriend jeans? Hell yea. I am going to be sitting down for long periods of time I need to be comfortable! 

Liz Claiborne bag ~ Levi's Boyfriend jeans ~ Urban Outfitters top ~ RL Denim & Supply Vest

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