Finds That Climbs

80's Purple, one of my favorite fashion forward sites for brand name collectives but let's be friggin honest here, I don't want to spend over $300 on sunglasses. The most I've ever spent on a pair of shades is $130 and it took the wrath of God to give that up. If you want a pair Pradas, Tom Fords, Linda Farrows and RayBans for just $12 then you came to the right place my friend -- 80's Purple -- (Did I mention purple is my favorite color) -- I am thrifty girl and I am always looking to save a buck! Don't get me wrong I am still a brand name airhead but honey child if I am spending $425 (which is the average price for the top brands name sunglasses out there now) it better come with a spacecraft.


  1. Lol while I agree with you on the spacecraft I succumed and bought the pradas in white cuz.i wanted to be diffrent haha but ive seen the fakes and I feel almost dumb except they will hold some kind of.value. P.s. I love ur blog!

    1. LOL! I've seen the fake ones, I guess you and I can tell the difference and most of the times thats all matters. Though I admit; self conscience kicks in and you know they are fake. Thanks for checking out my blog!! I appreciate the love boo! :)