I always get the question -- How do you stay so thin? Anyone from the African American community know that our people, especially the women are 7 times out of 10, are overweight. Don't get me wrong I love our shapely women; we are unique and beautiful but we also suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or just plan obesity. Everything we put in our bodies reflects how we look and even what comes out on our skin; and this goes for White, Black, Asian etc... My regimen, I stick to smaller portions and always make sure there are some veggies involved. Broccoli, carrots, celery are my favorite for vegetables. At night I will admit I get hungry, so I munch on some grapes -- which is also great for your skin -- or any kind of favorite fruits you prefer.  If you need to cook with oil, extra virgin olive oil is the best! I use olive oil for my skin, hair, and food. My skin is as clear and soft as silk and my hair is as fluffy as a cloud. Take care of yourself and your insides. Also what we eat, our children eat, we have to be a better example to them because our next generations going to be ridiculously obese if they are not already!

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