Heads High

Summer is almost over and I am bummed. School starts next month and the anxiety kicks in of walking into a new classroom, though at the same time I am ready to feel liberated. With all honesty I believe school can be a waste of time because creative minds are warped into what society wants you to be. However it is imperative for the basic education to get you where you need to be. Nevertheless, don't let go what you believe in even if no one believes in you; take the word with pride so you can fly. 

Vintage Ann Taylor Shirt, Forever 21 shorts, Steve Madden Londunn Boots, RayBan sunglasses


Denim & Supply Vest, American Apparel Shorts, Keds

Wishing On a Star

These Vintage Gianfranco Ferre sunglasses from Sammy & Nino's are sick! I depend on my sunglasses more than my iPhone. It's sort of a vampire reflex towards the sunlight when I step outside if I don't have them on, especially in the mornings.

Vintage Garage Find

Sorry I haven't been MIA lately, this past couple of days in New York has been crazy hot! So to make it up I have been posting on Instagram. This is the first cool day so far, though it is still in the 90's, there is a breeze.

Me and my brother spent this morning going through my parents garage. I don't go in there very often but when I do it is always an adventure. My parents are not pack rats however they are the true meaning of "it's still good". The smell of old wood brought blissful childhood memories and the writings on the wall told tales of who knows what. Nevertheless, there was one thing that did spark my interest was this 1980's (maybe even older) Boom Box! I could not believe it, I plugged it in, it works!!!!! I guess my parents aren't so cooky after all huh!

 Back then these were the New York plates... time has changed a lot since.
This shirt is a vintage Harley Davidson T-Shirt. My boyfriend bought from What Goes Around Comes Around, he's really upset that I cut it up but it's still cute. I believe you can also find other vintage Harley Davidson shirts on eBay as well.