Memorial Ride

Getting the groove of riding my bike again isn't that easy for me. I know it might not look it, but I am lazy -- real lazy -- especially since the last couple of days in New York have been ridiculously hot. However getting to the destination makes it worth it... sometimes...

What to Wear This Weekend?

Me? I hate white -- For some reason white scares! I feel like some random white outfit hating person will just throw mud, grass, poo or whatever on me! Plus it's boring, Spruce up your white with some color this weekend :)
1. L.E.S Satchel
2. White Crop Top
3. AEROBIC Sport Wedge Trainers
4. Levi Jeans

Architectual design of Green-Wood Cemetery

Pictures cannot gander the beauty of this cemetery; it's somewhere you need to see for yourself. I have a secret fascination with cemeteries and the eerie feeling and smell of a quiet cemetery just seem soothing to me. The entrance alone says all -- I just had to go in --. The array of nineteenth century architectural design are breathtaking --- too DIE for!

peep the creepy cat

My Love Affair with Bow Ties

2012 is definitely the year of the Bow Ties. I am not a fan of the ready-tied however my love affair is with the authenticity and creativity of self-tied bow ties.

Where did bow ties come from?

During the Prussian wars of the 17th Century, Croatian mercenaries would wear colorful scarves around their necks to denote rank and distinguish offer from enlisted men. The French, who were fighting alongside the Croats, were of course impressed and took the idea back home -- and these are the results -- Bow tie madness!

Picasso at the British Museum

Just in case your in London between now and September, sure wish I was. The British Museum for the first time is having a show of 100 etchings of Picasso inspirations made in the 1930’s. These beautiful prints are in the theme of Picasso’s “Vollard” suite where many of the prints and sculptures bear the features of Marie-Therese Walter, Picasso’s teenage mistress. Read more on

My First Blog (well not really)

Hey bloggers of the 21st Century! I am launching my new blog to kick off the Summer of 2012, aren't you excited?!! I am! It's going to be a fun journey that I hope you'll join me on.